Terms of Use

  1. Please read these terms of use thoroughly. By using this website you are approving these Terms of Use.
  2. You must be 18 years or older to use the services offered by PATENTim.ONLINE, including prior art search and patent application drafting. By using this website you represent that you are 18 or older and that there is no legal hindrance for you to use this website.
  3. PATENTim.ONLINE does not require registration. The questionnaire, any material provided to the customer, and records of invoices and transactions are necessary for the operation of this website and provision of services. The operator shall retain such data in accordance with applicable law, but shall not use it for contacting the customer.
  4. The customer represents and warrants that it shall refrain from any use that may prejudice and/or damage the security and integrity of the system, including burdening or overloading the servers in any way.
  5. PATENTim.ONLINE allows visitors to electronically order prior art searches and patent application drafting over the Internet.
  6. PATENTim.ONLINE’s platform is based on a proprietary questionnaire developed by PATENTim.ONLINE, which embodies decades of practical experience.
  7. It is hereby clarified that for purpose of placing an order each visitor is required to provide material information such as personal details (identification number, telephone number, email address and details of the invention subject of the application).
  8. It is emphasized that it is the visitor’s responsibility to provide true and accurate details. It is hereby clarified that the quality of the results greatly depends on the details of the invention and its embodiments.
  9. The questionnaire can be saved and edited at any time before submitting.
  10. Once the questionnaire is submitted the customer shall receive an email message specifying the details of the order: order number, details of the customer and the questionnaire. Receipt of the email message does not constitute confirmation of the transaction.
  11. The questionnaire shall be forwarded to PATENTim.ONLINE’s professional staff, and should it be found suitable for the service a request for payment shall be issued. The order shall be processed once payment is receipt, while each service shall be delivered ten business days following confirmation (for example, an order consisting of two services – prior art search and patent application drafting, shall be delivered within twenty business days).
  12. Payment for services shall be made via PayPal. Confirmation of the transaction shall be visible on PayPal’s website and confirmation shall also be sent to the email address provided by the customer.
  13. The professional staff shall commence work upon receiving payment. Payment is nonrefundable.
  14. PATENTim.ONLINE cannot guarantee that the invention is patentable, that the patent examiners will grant an underlying patent, nor does it make any representation regarding the level of protection such patent may confer to its inventor or owner.
  15. I acknowledge that commercializing patents depends on numerous commercial and other circumstances, and PO’s model or operation does not include strategic assessments or customizing patents do specific requirements, and is based on the questionnaire submitted by the inventor.
  16. PO shall bear no liability towards the customer, save for with respect to its obligation to fulfil the order in accordance with the questionnaire submitted by the inventor.
  17. PATENTim.ONLINE only allows Internet bots (robots, crawlers, spiders) from search engine companies, and only for the purpose of indexing. PATENTim.ONLINE prohibits scanning for any other purpose, including scanning by entities other than search engine companies, including subsidiaries, parent and sister companies of the search engine companies.
  18. Unless set forth otherwise, all rights associated with this website (including intellectual property rights) are reserved by the operator. Without being exhaustive, rights are reserved with respect to all components of PATENTim.ONLINE, including content, design, editing, headers, text, images and specifically the questionnaire and its accompanying explanations.
  19. Copying any part of this website is explicitly prohibited for any purpose any by any means, technological or otherwise. It is explicitly prohibited to use Internet bots or any other means, technological or otherwise, for copying, scanning, or creating partial or complete copies of the information on this website.
  20. Mass emailing of any kind and for any purpose are explicitly prohibited.
  21. This terms of uses, and all services, information or other interactions related to PATENTim.Online shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Israel. Any conflicts between the Parties shall be submitted before the respective courts in Israel.


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