Drawings are attached to every patent application to illustrate and demonstrate the invention. Clear drawings are essential for making your invention easy to understand. It is always possible to use professional draftsmen, however drawings do not necessarily need to be beautiful; best practice is to provide clear and detailed drawings that make it easy to interpret your invention.

We have prepared a shortlist of guidelines to help you prepare drawings yourself.

First of all, it is important to know that anything can serve as drawings, including photographs, paintings etc. As long as the invention is adequately demonstrated, and the various parts or stages can be marked, you can attach them to the questionnaire and send them to us. Do not write any numbers, letters or captions on the drawings – we will add them according to the detailed specifications.

When preparing drawings please try to adhere to the following guidelines:

All the parts need to be drawn in thick lines (black, if possible).

Sections are to be marked with a diagonal dotted line, which does not obstruct reading.

Scale of the drawing should be determined in accordance with the level complexity, so that all details remain visible even if the drawing is copied and size is reduced.

Each drawing should be separate; they can be on individual pages.

Drawings should remain without explanations or descriptions, save for any text that is part of the drawing (for example wording on a sign). We will add numbering according to acceptable norms.

If the invention has several embodiments that can be illustrated in drawings, it is recommended to add one drawing for each.

If there is a drawing of the solution in prior art – such drawing can be attached.

When the application is for a method or invention that is software, or involves software or computer communications, it is advisable to attach flow charts to indicate the system’s operation in its various embodiments.

Drawings should be attached in PNG, JPG or PDF format.

In addition to a clean copy of each drawing, it is permissible to attach copies with detailed explanations of the parts and their description.

When you are performing a prior art search, it is recommended to review samples of drawings for inventions in the same or similar fields.[captainform id=”758812″ lightbox=”1″ text_content=”Get%20Started%20Now” bg_color=”50358C” text_color=”FFFFFF” position=”left” type=”floating-button”]

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