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A prior art search must be conducted before filing the patent application. Embark on the road to your very own patent with PO’s prior art search service.

A common misconception is that the sole purpose of the prior art search is to find out whether anyone has come up with the idea before you. Indeed, it is mandatory to check whether your invention has novelty, however prior art searches also serve another purpose, and are used for understanding the playing field and establishing your position in relation to prior art.

Patent applicants can perform prior art searches themselves, and we will help you understand how to conduct an initial search on your own. Should you however wish to have better results, which could improve your patent application we are happy to oblige.

Our prior art search service is performed by professional information specialists, who will locate patent documents that are related to your invention for a flat rate of just $595.

How to Perform an Intial Search

Start off with a simple search on Google. Use keywords that describe your invention, the problem it solves, and the elements it is comprised of. Use the results to refine your search further, using the most appropriate search terms bearing the narrowest definition.

The next step will be searching for patents relating to your invention. Google Patents is a recommended non-professional patent search tool, where you can enter specific keywords and get a list of inventions and patent applications from around the world.

Another method for focusing the search on Google Patents involves using classifications. The international patent system includes classifications for each patent application. The classifications structure resembles braches of a tree, and the further up you go (i.e. the more characters a classification has) the more specific the invention is.

Once you have found an invention that is similar to your own, look for its classification and climb down the branches to look for related classifications that might be more relevant to your invention. Similarly, searching for patents by classification may help you find additional inventions from the same field.

Example from Google Patents could be found

After completing an initial patent search, you will be able to complete PO’s questionnaire more accurately, thus helping our patent attorneys to submit a professional search request and draft a better patent application.

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